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dress for Out of this World - With Astratto inc clothing

Starting off as a joke in a dorm room - Astratto Inc is a local Pittsburgh clothing fashion design company that blends abstract art and fashion. While the business started in 2018 and the primary focus seems to be hats and head apparel. The on-the-edge clothing line is looking to branch out into other types of clothing and apparel.

The unique designs seem like they should be on the wall of a museum with onlookers admiring from afar. The Astratto brand is creating a balance pf both color and creation to give a one-of-a-kind look. Their style utilizes sharp and contrasting colors with simple concepts to really make the articles of clothing stand out.

Their website currently has their trucker hats and hoodies available for sale. Their “lost in reality” series of clothing gives the impression that there is a science element involved with the artful design of the clothes. It is as if the brand is looking for their clients to not only look within themselves but to also look above for inspiration.

While this start-up business is fairly new, the creators are sure to be filled with limitless potential and colorful and deep commentary that blend abstract art with innovative fashion.

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