Interview with Ceo Mike Pernice : The Growth of the Stoop

I had the opportunity to pick the brain of our very own founder, Mike Pernice, who grew a podcast into Pittsburgh’s fastest-growing social media promotion company! So, grab a seat on The Stoop and let him tell you the story of how he did it.

During Mike’s fall semester at Duquesne in November of 2019, he started a podcast called, “Legendz of The Stoop”, as a way to promote an event his friends Colby.wav and Alec Munson were going to throw at Full Pint Brewery. This moment caused a chain reaction that resulted in Mike recording over 50 podcast episodes with Pittsburgh-based musicians and fashion designers.

Upon graduating in the summer of 2021, Mike had taken some time off from the podcast and asked himself where he was going with it. He stated, “It had become obvious after 2 years of just being a podcast with over 50 episodes that the platform had grown into something more than just a podcast. I took the time off to re-evaluate my plan and decided that it was time to pivot and invest time and money into developing a new strategy and brand for The Stoop”. Therefore, in January of 2022, Legendz of The Stoop had become just The Stoop and was ready to relaunch with a mission, “to provide a social media promotional platform for Pittsburgh native or based athletes, businesses, creators, and entrepreneurs to increase their brand awareness by developing engaging and targeted content”.

Since relaunching, The Stoop has nearly tripled its number of followers and has struck sponsorship deals with Coors Brewing Co., Boston Brewing Co., and Case Specific Meal Prep. When I asked Mike about the secret to this tremendous growth rate, he said, “Consistency and networking have helped us grow our platform, as well as the high-quality work that we do!”. Mike also attributes The Stoop’s growth to his right-hand man, Jared Colton, who has really leveled up their content by utilizing his multimedia skills, which catch the eyes and ears of both clients and followers. Another testament to their growth is that they onboarded 4 incredible interns this summer to run the day-to-day operations and assist them with building the foundation for future growth.

From everyone at The Stoop, we wish you the best of luck and are cheering you on as you continue to grow your company and serve your fellow yinzers! We are so excited to see what the future brings!

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