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Max Hradecny - The Austrian Nightmare

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Maximillion Hradecny is a towering human being standing at 6’1 ½ and weighing 310 pounds. His voice is soft, his presence welcoming, but after having a conversation with the Austrian football player the overwhelming characteristics are clearly portrayed. It is that of passion and drive.

Playing any college sport is a challenge, but it takes a certain amount of courage to travel across the globe to pursue your dreams. Max coupled his tenacity and athletic prowess to be accepted to Duquesne University, This will be his final season at Duquesne.

The computer science major utilizes not only his athletic ability but brings in a mental component to his game.

“I like to study my opponents. I like to look at all of them and study what they like to do and how they react to certain things throughout the week. I like to work on things throughout the week that will work against them. I will make sure I am ready for them.”

The Journey that Max, the gentle giant, has endured is inspiring for those with a dream. The amount of grit and hard work it takes to navigate from Europe to the United States requires a passion and the ability not to be afraid to make your path in the pursuit of one's goals.

Playing semi-professional while still in high school, attending mini-camps in Germany, to traveling the United States to hand-deliver his scouting tapes encompasses the willpower of this young man.

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