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Sophia Smith "Knowing your Worth" - an Entrepreneurial insight

Although she is 20 years old, Sophia Smith of Sophia Madison Production is not a stranger to successfully turning her artistic vision into a profitable venture. Starting at the age of 14, Sophia initially was able to find monetary success on the social media app

Realizing she had not only a passion but a gift for creating art through the glass of a camera lens, The Point Park student has an undefined talent of finding and focusing on the beauty of her subject.

Along with an artistic capability and a defined technique, Sophia also credits a lot of her success to her work ethic.

“I am going to work efficiently. I’m going to balance the time out, I am not going to slack off, and I will guarantee you what you want.”

Her work ethic is apparent when it comes to the attention to detail she puts into all of her work.

Her process is concise and just unorthodox enough to fully engage her clientele’s needs. Her passion for delivering her clients the best product seems to come a close second to her passion for creativity.

Sophia also preached a very simple but truly profound piece of advice for artists who are looking to gain capital for their creativity.

“Know the worth of your work. You know the quality of your work, don’t let someone else tell you ‘this is that’.”

Those looking to book Sophia’s services can visit her website or her IG page smpr0ductions.

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