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The Healing process of Aura Sauna Studio

Nothing sounded less appealing than getting into an infrared Sauna on a day where the temperature was in the high 80’s.

As Laura Early, the welcoming and vibrant co-founder of Aura Sauna Studio explained the benefits, I found myself wondering:

“Can a light Sauna really improve immunity, detoxification, relaxation, weight loss, heart health, muscle recovery, and anti-aging?”

I found myself getting into the infrared Sauna equipped with nothing more than my shorts, earbuds, and a dose of skepticism fueled by masculinity.

The Sauna's warmth created a thick air that coated my body like a cozy blanket. I felt relaxed as my conscience began to drift into a meditative state. The beat of the music with the soft lyrics blended to create a very sincere tranquility. My anxious and racing mind began to slow as the calmness of the booth granted me a level of peace that is often hard to come by.

My eyes heavy. My breaths short and intentional. Sweat broke the plane of my skin. My worries drifted.

While it is hard to put my finger on exactly where or how, I could feel that healing was occurring.

When the session concluded I was eager to get out of the Sauna and bask in the coolness of room temperature. My body jolted with energy, but the calmness that I had experienced remained.

For those looking to find a less orthodox and more enlightened path for healing be sure to book an appointment at the Aura Sauna Studio in the Strip District.

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